Like the place that gave it its name, this space has changed considerably over time. It was originally intended as an unofficial resource site for the programmes that I teach into.  And so it still contains one or two bits and pieces designed to make life easier for the lab rats.  😉

But over time – six years and counting – it has tended to lean more towards  what was supposed to be its lesser role; providing a location for the occasional reflection on life as a digital journeyman, both at Belfield and in the Wider World.

From time to time I think a bit about shutting the shop.  But then where could I put stuff about that strange lake… and the wage-slaves that tend the academic undergrowth around here… and those odd little moments of insight that can come about when you find a (decent) coffee shop or have a (decent) conversation in your travels?  What would fill the lampless darkness ever so often when another bout of lamping and /or darkness comes along?

So, like greater and better before me; I’ll go on

At least for another while.