Lt Col Siri Skare who was murdered earlier today in Maza-i-Sharif was one of the most open and positive people you could ever meet.

She took on a mission to Afghanistan because she believed that the UN can and does make a difference to peace and the lives of people in torn & troubled places.  She did it because she believed that women can make a particularly valuable contribution to building a more just and equitable order in countries where their voices have not often enough been heard and valued.

When we last spoke, she was looking forward to returning to her family in Norway after a busy but  – she maintained – enjoyable few weeks at the UN Training School here in Ireland.  Siri talked of perhaps returning for a holiday this summer.  Sadly that is not to be.

Siri was Class President of the International Military Observer & Staff Offier Course she attended at UNTSI.  She brought a light touch to this role but made sure everyone was aware of what was expected of them!  Siri also had a wonderful sense of fun.  And she was quietly intense about the buisness of preparing for her deployment.  A professional, through and through.

It is easy to admire some people, Siri Skare was one of those.  This world is a poorer place tonight without her.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam uasail agus suaimhneas síoraí di.