… your rabbits from your reindeers can get you into all sorts of scrapes when you visit friends with children. Especially when there is a chocolate ‘rabbit’ involved.

– Honestly, it’s a rabbit. You know, a pre-Easter bunny… it’s a little present. Specially for you.

Silence. Quivering lip. Big eyes.

– And those are branches caught between its ears. Not antlers. Honestly.

– I. want. a. rabbit. not. a. rudolf…

Panic rising. There will be tears. It will be a long rabbitless evening. I have failed miserably once again to connect with the whine generation (miniature variety). Old college friend is also approaching tears. The other sort though.

I should have looked more carefully at the stuff on that Maxol shelf. Clearly, Rabbit-ish is not rabbit-enough when dealing with a 4 year old. And come to think of it, ‘not A enough’ is the petulant cry of more than one foot-stampin’ type around here lately… ah yes, the joys of a Belfield Spring.