Last night, we trundled off en-famille to see the Dromgoole staging of ‘Philadelphia Here I Come’ at the Gaiety.  It was as good as it gets.

The Gar Public and Gar Private  device delights and draws you in and I can only say that Friel’s portrayal of Irish small-town life still comes bitingly close to the  bone after all these years.   He captures in all their poignancy the struggles and frustration of a small life; the characters, the conversations, the hopes for escape – all spot-on in their observation, as are all those little acts of love and loathing Friel so effectively depicts.

Little clips from the play like wee sailor suit,  you know I never have a second cup, and desist! have been delighting me all day.  I found myself grinning and thinking about them and the elegant fluency of Friel’s work.  But when a conversation a few minutes ago between the Politics & History Student and The Junior Cert kid ended with a wry exchange about being in a blue boat on Lough na Cloc Cor, no a punt, no a brown one, I reckon that I’m not the only one who was deeply touched by the production.

Well worth seeing; running  until 10 April.