Brian Mulligan – an inspirational type of guy who works out of Sligo IT – asked me some time back if I might give an input to a webinar series he was putting together. And because there were a few unfilled hours on the odd Saturday and Sunday night between me and it, I had a rush of blood to the head and agreed.

Well, next Wednesday I finally have to walk the walk.  Belfield goes digital and smoke free as all ten to fifteen of the waiting world log-in to hear what might be said about higher education and what it can do for you.  Or to you, depending.  The topic is shiny-bright technology in teaching & learning within this higher education. But the real subject is more like higher education itself.  In contemporary Ireland. In twenty minutes.

I’ve given a lot of thought to what I’d like to cover.  And I’ve been advised not to go there.  So, given the time allowed and the discipline of a medium that’s new to me I’ve opted for a reflective sort of treatment and hope to say something meaningful about  the technological turn of the past decade and how it raises some profoundly interesting issues about how we educate and why – at third level and at what is increasingly referred to as fourth level in this country.  There are some fantastic gains in all of this. There are some challenges also. Which almost goes without saying,  living as we are in wildly changing times. But I have a line on this…

Alas, there’s no place for a disquisition!  So the  cunning plan is: point to a few elephants, fire off a few penguins and then head back to the relative serenity of the day job.  While I still have one.  Because while all the shiny bright T&L stuff worries me, it’s not half as scaresome as what I see happening around me in the HE world.