It’s funny how an idea can sometimes catch your attention, move in, have a bit of an evaluative mooch around, then settle down and make itself at home. Welcome or not.

I’ve never though of myself as anything other than indecisive and over-caution but I’ve beginning to realise this may not be wholly the case. And that while hitting that ‘send’ button may have been instrumental in dropping me into some of the worst situations I’ve found myself  in from time to time, it has also been most certainly behind many of the very best. My hesitations have, however, been over signing up for conferences outside my comfort zone* & that I can’t really afford* to attend — not strategic job hops.  ( Never got that one sorted at all.) 

All of which brings me to a point where I sit here this evening wondering about things that normally don’t bother me – though not, alas, with any guarantee of success.  Like whether we should worry that notions of what constitutes the act of documenting the self /the product of such acts have ‘gone liquid’ to such a startling extent with the digital turn of the past decade.  These last two days have been given over to trying to articulate the ways that digital documentation can both construct and hollow-out the self.  And the implications of this for truth and public (re)presentation; like this blog. It’s truly head-melting stuff. 

There’s possibly even a paper in it…  because it seems to me that it’s not so much a JFDI thing: more a there’s another bridge – I wonder if… one. (Followed usually by a loud,  dorsal-searing whooofff! )

Might be difficult to place for publication though…

[ * Both terms used, of course, with real linguistic appreciation..  🙂 ]