There  you are in early-June, ploughing through another badly-written, badly conceived dissertation which lacks originality, vigour and anything  like criticality.  And you have this idea;  Couldn’t a module on critical analysis and writing out of policy texts go a long way towards giving this crew the understandings and skill-set they need to seriously raise their game?

So you beaver away for a couple of months drafting a course, finding resources, working on novel assessment arrangements. Getting it through the Vogonesque bureaucracy. The works.   Basically, innovating.  Because innovation is not just about doing more. It’s about doing things differently; in a interesting, motivating and more effective way.

But that’s the thing about innovating in and around a university programme. Sometimes the buggers don’t want to be ‘innovated’… it gets in the way of a quiet and well-ordered life.  Better the good old instrumental stuff, the  long booklist and a take-home test!

One candidate registered.

I’ve always consoled myself with the though that over the years I’ve become a half-decent, forward-facing thinker where new courses are concerned.  (Unlike the younger self and the more Norman & Stoppard’s Philip Henslowe modality he lived through; when your feet are in the fire you will promise anything… )  Now I’m not so sure.

Ah well, best just put it down to ignoring too much outside of my own compositional practice and an overweening concern for aesthetic modernity… 

Besides there’s always a conference to look forward to.