… from a counterindicative sky.  That would be July, near Dublin. 

It’s the time of year I get to do a bit of reading. Nothing work related. Just a few bits and pieces to fuel the spirit and offer some sort of regeneration.

Just noticed that Ewan McIntosh is also reading one of the small pile I’ve assembled – though I think he’s finding it more impressive that I did.  Mind you, there have been moments lately when what the Zanders say about being out of the boat reverberates to the core of everything I try to hang on to in this life.  Still, it’s all a bit over enthusiastic about needed only to step-away and re-vision to see the absolutely perfect way forward buried in the problematic. Which may be why Sennett’s The Craftsman remains for me the touchstone for these times.  I reread it over the past few days in part to help frame an answer to some personal impasses about where next & why for the year ahead.  And what struck me once again is the power of the claims he makes for freedom from means-ends relationships and the hope – and price –  of dignity.

The Zanders would seem never to have had to deal with the type of idiocy that results in placing people with no true understanding of either teaching or learning in control of academic development in a university setting.  Sennett at least offers the possibility of a meaningful personal way forward when faced with dishonest practice and square-lake cronyism.