DLD 09 were not convinced. The problem about playing fast and loose with location is that when you really are stuck in an airport  transit lounge and you want to do some shared activity on line, they are hard to convince that this time you are not messing about!  It was fun but you still can’t do everything you want to on-line.  

The upshot was that we had to run another ‘realworld’ session yesterday to close out the current course. And it was actually very impressive to see how far they had come in a few months.  A couple did absolutely fantastic pecha-kucha  on their projects; others went for more traditional presentation and one even laid-on a bespoke YouTube slot.

Funny how quickly these endings come around.  Another course hears off into the wild blue yonder and I go back to the deskwork…

There are compensations. A British Council Conference invite has come around for mid-June. Talks in Potsdam and Vienna are both lined up for the autumn and now a very interesting opening slot for a Dublin workshop on digital literacy and 21 century higher education has come along.