Increasingly I seem to find myself living in a world where nothing much counts unless it happened this semester or at best last.  Or it has something to do with management. We inhabit a now that seems to overlay everything else and overwrite all our pasts and which excoriates everything that doesn’t neatly fit the rubric of the new order.

Take the recent visit to our school by one of the university luminaries. Leaving aside the lack of grace displayed in corralling us for the event without even a nod towards an explanation as to what it was all about, what followed was an exercise in the “narrative of victory” that left me wondering whether anything other than metrics holds purchase in the heads of these people.

Excessively managerialism comes to mind as does cynically underplaying both the tensions of trying to work meaningfully in an exclusionary context and the debilitating effects of actually saying what you think in the face of transactional leadership on an almost manic scale. 

Then this morning, in my inbox:

The proposal for a revised Grade Approvals Process for full implementation in the Semester 2 grading session has now been Approved. Information on the revised Grade Approvals Process, including frequently asked questions, is available on the staff section of the Assessment website. S2 judgements may now be entered in Gradebook. All who deliver modules should ensure compliance. Structure and component information for modules reflects what was submitted and verified prior to the start of this academic year and the assessment strategies are no longer subject to change. 

I truly don’t know whether to laugh or cry.