… wasn’t lost on those present – including the speaker.

Dr Stuart Griffin of Kings College London gave a fascinating talk on Peacekeeping and Stabilisation at the first of a new series of strategic studies seminars at NUI Maynooth. The venue was the Upper Loftus Room.

While he explored changing doctrinal issues around the military contribution to PSOs and the finer points of hot stabilisation / warfighting within Chapter 7 UN type interventions, below us in the Lower Loftus Room, the college gospel choir was in both fine voice and extended practice.
There was a touch of the surreal about it all; pictures of weary peacekeepers doing what they can in places like Rwanda, Cambodia and Somalia, set against the soaring strains of ‘Oh Happy Day’

But hey, what can you do except smile… both in their own ways are about acceptance and ability,  they just need the right environment…