…or four years of college. I did however learn more in one year of teaching Leaving Cert Physics than I did in all the others combined. ”

It’s an argument I’ve heard often. In fact it’s one I’ve used myself – though not in relation to physics. But I’m still not totally convinced it’s an absolutely honest one.  We can – and do – fool ourselves sometimes about what actually we have learnt in formal settings. Still, what the post says earlier about interest and understanding  – the power of wanting to learn  – makes a huge amount of sense in craft terms.  The rest of the reason some learn when some teach is perhaps down to personal passion and intellectual engagement.  Stuff in short enough supply if the doomsayers and tech industry pundits are to be believed.

The opening comment is part of an interesting reflection on science education from one of the most under-valued species in these overly political times – a thinking teacher.