DLD08 and nTLT08 are no more. Done. Over…  Rolled to History as those sad users of managerialist jargon would have us say.

And surprisingly enough we are not only (all) still standing – it even turned out rather well in the end. 

It was my intention to post a bit about these modules as they developed (together they make up a new specialism on our masters’ programme at the university) but that didn’t happen.  Mostly because it all went a bit pear-shaped with a change in priorities a little further up the food chain within my own college.  The modules then suffered in terms of resourcing. Badly so in my view.  And when you are constantly given the line that there is no money to buy-in expertise while other programmes seem to have no such restrictions, it can all become a bit disheartening.  Still, the students didn’t seem to notice and not knowing where the next input is coming from can add a certain ‘mystery  train’ feel to a course… 🙂 

And besides, it probably was time I got back in the sandbox.

So, when the course wrapped last week it was particularly heartening to receive some of the best course reviews I’ve had in recent years and to hear that about half of the participants are planning to take technology as a focus for their dissertation work in the coming year.  And also to know that during the year three of the course members found their way onto various conference programmes to talk about their ICT work and especially their ICT work in relation to the course.  Can’t be bad. Not even half finished a graduate programme and already they have something to say… 

The only thing to regret is that I took on teaching a programme on the promise of support to make it something that would bear comparison with the best that the other Dublin universities can offer, and then found myself running a yellow-pack version that still doesn’t even come close.

File under experience. And as Oscar Wilde once observed: Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

Next year will be different…