For the past few years, I’ve been invited to give a guest input on this course. They keep asking me back  for some reason! Anyway, I went in last Friday to talk to the current cohort about public policy formation, with particular reference to their area of interest – policy for ICT in the education and training sectors.

We talked a lot about the emergence of policy authoring and development as an alternative to more ‘traditional’ approaches. And as ever the Bowe, Ball and Gold model (1992) proved a useful entry point. What I forgot to mention was that this came my way originally from a masters student working out of IOE in London – one of the many good things that came from that connection… 🙂

I should also perhaps have said that my points about the increasing presence and influence of transnational and supranational agencies ( such as EU, World Bank, UNESCO and especially OECD) in the policy process are echoed by others such as Sugrue in EERJ and  much more powerfully by Martin Lawn in a number of contributions he has read to ECER conferences over the past few years as part of the EERA Network 22; Research in Higher Education series.

The DEMOS materials I cited can be sourced here: , ESRI is here; and the some background on TASC can be found here: .

For those with the interest the IT 2000 (‘the framework document’) can be downloaded from the DES site but is hard to find there.  So too is its successor the “Blueprint document”.  I can make digital copy of either available to you, if you need one for your research.

The Geoff Mulgan referening was a bit more hurried that I would have liked ideally. But if you found what I said about his views on policy making interesting, you will find a good introduction to his thinking here; . It’s in his own words.  The hosting site is also well worth a bit of a dig around in terms of social and political  commentary on technology.

Obviously, there was a lot I couldn’t get to in a once-off visit.  Even if the session was a two hour one.  Besides, I hold a strong belief in the old adage of not getting between students and their tea…  😉

So…. that’s about it. There was a lot more covered in the session but I reckon those are the principal references you might want to  chase-down. As it’s the weekend though, there are one or two other ‘places to go’ that might be more appropriate in terms of on-line time.  Here’s one of my current favourites.  One of the Vlogbrothers – John or Hank,  I can never tell  them apart –  had some time to kill in Denver airport; what he came up with is wonderful!  But to fully appreciate it you will need first to check out the original that he is parodying;