At the Janet Workshop,  Loughborough, 26th –27th November 2007,  I mentioned a number of urls within my talk on Web2.0 / Student2.0. They are posted below:

The Horizon Report is at  And Vicky Davis’ excellent media-rich reading of the report is here;

The MIT offering is here: And Carnegie Mellon’s ALICE is here;  

The YouTube video I used came from Michael Wesch Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropoloy at Kansas State University. It’s teh same one I used recently at the HEAnet conference. It went up about a month ago and looks at student 2.0(American edition) (  His seminal earlier one on Web 2.0 is there also (

The sequence on First Year HE identity / lifehistory is modelled heavily on the work of Mary Madden, from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The graphic relating to kids’ school experience is from a recent eTwinning presentation by Enel Mägi of the TIgerLeap Foundation, Estonia.

Scrapblog can be found at  It’s a free-to-use, web-based application.

The MIT and Stanford courseware materials are available at their respective sites: and .The CERI Report on the emergence of open education resources can be found here:,3343,en_2649_35845581_38659497_1_1_1_1,00.html  and informaton on the related OECD / CERI project can be accesssed here: .

All of the materials used on the Dutch SURF initiative come from their site; . Ewan McIntosh’s blog ( he speaks about task-based learning among many other educaiton and web2 issues) is here: .Information on the DIT’s work on institution level elearning can be found here: . And some material on the UCD large class project can be accessed here: . Nick Short’s work on ‘potcasts’ a unique Royal Vetinary College, London initiative can be found here: NDLR background and comment on the nature of the Repository initiative is here: .

And finally, NING is a great place to pass an afternoon.  Look here: