… where the air is crisp and clear and the Microsoft World Summit on the School of the Future is in full swing. It’s not the way I usually spend Halloween and there will, I suspect, be A Price for this one.  But so far it’s been interesting.

The highlight for me has been Bruce Dixon’s excellent scene-setting presentation during the opening event.  The low point was sitting at dinner last night too near to a Major Software Company executive who had all the right words and phrases, a passion for teacher accountability in that particular vein of one who wouldn’t know a teacher if clubbed over the head by one (and he came very close), and probably hasn’t been in a school since his K-12 days. Oh well, some things just are as they are, I suppose.

The panel sessions that I’m here for – Preparing New Teachers for the 21st Century – more than compensated for Mr-Day-33-this-is-where-they-should-be -and -this is -how-our-branded -technology-can-make-sure-they-are. It was both thought provoking and fun. It was well attended – which I must admit was a bit of a surprise given the range of alternatives on offer. So there was an excellent mix within our sessions of presentations from widely differing teacher education contexts followed by an engaging series of round-table conversations. The organisers plan to post some of the content here in time. And there is even talk of a follow-out blog.

In the meanwhile, here’s a rogue’s gallery to consider:


Pepe, EGE Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico; myself; Leena, University of Helsinki, Finland; Deirdre, Session Wrangler(!) and SPD Dublin; Philip, NIE Singapore; and Tommy, University of Makati, Philippines. And not a bad looking one in the bunch!!!