…Digital Learning Design is something we will hear a lot more about over the next few years. It’s still hard to say precisely what it is but there’s no doubt that it’s a growing area and that it’s happening around the intesection of elearning, content formation / reformation, and learning sciences. 

We have started offering a DLD course at the university. And I’m more than a little excited about this. It’s been made a bit more problematic by the now-usual School spiel about cutting back on external speakers, FTEs, the optics of running something that ticks the M-level boxes but doesn’t break the bank, and so on.

But I’m still confident that it will work out. The first cohort registered this week. It will be interesting to see how it goes. So from time to time I may bring bits of their world here to belfield — just for the fun of it.  And in the interest of  greated understanding of ICT in a cold climate…  😉