What a great idea. And what fantastic out-turns. A teacher blows £30,000 on a new car, but why? An executive headteacher finds himself locked in a stockroom. An RE teacher prepares to tell her headteacher about a lesson plan. A teacher on the brink of retirement locks herself in the toilet. Wild stuff! 

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Teachers TV has just published the best of the monologues they received for the Nation Union of Teachers (UK) education personnel monologue competition. It’s all based on ‘fictional stories from the perspective of someone working in a school’ and they received 725 entries.

The home page is here  and links out to the wining entries and sample and support materials materials. A very useful resource for anyone te aching English / Media at many points in the system – both formal and informally.

Can’t help wondering if there isn’t something here that we could usefully play with on the next  PG intake…