Nick Short from RVC, London is just rounding out a really good presentation on using podcasts and ‘potcasts’ within the Vet College.

iTunes has given them a whole new way of approaching a raft of questions that have come up in relation to student 2.0:

How does their learning supported by podcasting differ from their learning through structured campus or e-learning processes?

What kinds of pedagogical applications can be developed for Podcasting?

Can students switch from MP3 players for entertaining to learning?

What are the psychological, social and institutional barriers to and advantages of more informal learning using podcasting. 

Much of what he covered comes from the IMPALA project – of which RVC is a partner and which Gilly Salmon currently heads up. I really liked what he said about ‘potcasts’ in particular.  What a lovely idea; taking the anatomy ‘pots’  (samples produced and pickled by students down the years) and simply videoing them, adding a voiceover description and a bit of colourising. These are then unloaded to their VLE and can be downloaded as required through iTunes or to a laptop / digital assistant.  Inspired.

What was also impressive was the pace at which the project has taken – and the work around of using some of your students as Appointed iPodders with up-load rights to your VLE. That I really liked. 

And as for Learning Objects LX that’s another post at some point down the line, I think. Just as soon as I get my hands on a copy!


Setting up; it was a techie event so naturally the ceiling mounted projector didn’t work!