It’s that time of year again. And as usual I’m left feeling a bit like an end of term politician driving through some daft reform or another before the Dáil goes into recess.

We have our Exam Board tomorrow morning. It’s a bit more restricted in its reach and remit than last year’s (pre-semesterised) board and for the first time in almost 10 years ‘my’ HDipEd Database is not needed to help sort final grades and rank ordering in the yeargroup.  We’re all Banner now 🙂 

 The course evaluations were very positive this year; however, a number asking for extra practical workshops and projects to be built into the programme. That’s not going to happen on current budget…  So, Yes; there may well be a Grad Dip Ed ICT strand next year – and an MEd/MA one possibly but No there is little chance of investing in more authentic resources and provision. 

Oh and the long-awaited UCD Fellowships won’t include a learning technology / elearning  strand. Not strategic enough it seems…  Nice one. The stuff of legend perhaps in a year or two but right now a bit too D4 to be credited.

So. That and the news that DIT are once again forging ahead with their eLearning Summer School while we at UCD sit staring into our square lake can only mean that it’s time to be elsewhere.

For a few weeks or so at any rate.

While the dust settles on another Belfield moment and the wounds are healing… 

Class of 2007: wear sunscreen….