NCSL, Nottingham. 120 teachers. Three days in a digital sandpit — can’t be bad!!

More seriously, the British Council which is the UK NSS for eTwinning has laid on an interesting and varied Natinal Conference programme again this year. Details HERE.

During my opening talk to the conference, I threw in the usual off-the-cuff site references which come back to haunt etc as well as a few that I have found useful in terms of the project.  As promised these are listed here: – lovely, simple but effective use of a blog to share practice between a school in Ireland and one in Malta. A prizewinner at European level too…

Http:// – a free-download from the MIT crowd. Fun, fun, fun. Well, fun anyway. 🙂 Easy to download and run, intutiive and kids love it. – home of comiclife. 40 of the best dollars worth of value out there, and now available in PC as well as Mac versions. Try the free download first. 30 days. – a simple to use fileshare site particularly good for short slideshows of classwork and/or activity. – Samorost. A slightly mad, surreal flash game that I first came across thanks to a heads-up from Ewan McIntosh. Addictive and challenging.

The Sultan’s Elephant flickr stream is here and the London website here. Also lovely footage from various Royal de Luxe performances of The Elephant all over Europe  here.

The conference itself is going well. From where I’m sitting typing this I can see Oscar’s animation workshop. Teachers and claymation. Magic!

[And for those who might want a look, there’s a summary of my own input here.  ]