When you hear about a conference that’s been building a following over the past couple of years it’s all too often the case that going along leads to disappointment.  But not in this case.

The range of sessions has been very good – even if four strands meant that some presenters got a smaller group at their session than they probably deserved.

Highlights (for me at least) have been Niall Watts’ session on blogging and learning styles, Damien Darcy’s one on context based learning and most especially Shane Sutherland’s talk on PebblePad as an ePortfolio / webfolio toolset.

David Nicol gave a keynote on assessment and technology.  Something I reckon we’ll be hearing more about as time goes on. His talk on re-engineering assessment to leverage technology more effectively – and on the pilot work of his own institution in this area  – was very worthwhile indeed.

All rounded out nicely by a contribution from Eabhnat Ni Fhloinn a DIT staffer who was surprisingly good in the late afternoon slot.  Almost made me regret giving up on maths… 😉

So all in all, not a bad Day One.  Of course it could all go downhill from here.