Teachers’ TV have streamed Howard Gardner’s RSA lecture HERE.

It’s about 60 minutes run time and you will need a good broadband connection to get the best from the programme.  

The blurb goes:

” In this lecture series … Harvard professor Howard Gardener examines the mental capacities needed for the future in a globalised world.

The kinds of minds he suggests should be cultivated are three cognitive ones: the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind and the creating mind, and two that deal with the human sphere: the respectful mind and the ethical mind.

Gardener discusses how these can be best nurtured, and points out some of the inevitable tensions created between them. ”

Well worth a look, in my view. Even if they can’t spell ‘Gardner’.

[ Mind you, if you haven’t got an hour to spare there’s an interesting alternative activity HERE.  Via John Heffernan at NCTE; what are they paying those people to do?!  😉 ]