….. doesn’t float every boat, but this afternoon with a group of MScITE was a bit of fun, I thought.

Those throwaway references  (why do I do it, it always comes back to haunt me?!) are given below.  Or at least as many of them as I could fremember & then find are:

i2010.  The core document (an unusual joint Commission and Council Document) is HERE.  The supporting website is HERE.

Douglas Rushkoff’s blog is here.  The work he did for DEMOS – which contains more on the scale of the wave we are facing is HERE. (Around p.32.)

There’s more here about DEMOS.  [Of their recent materials — all freely downloadable — The Atlas of Ideas is particularly amazing stuff. ] But I personally love especially their Greenhouse which always seems to have one or two fun but daft ideas in the planting tray.

With a slightly more Ireland slant:

 HERE’S that SIP publication I mentioned. (Good editor….!!!). 

 CESI is HERE.   And I’d once again encourage you to drop in on the conference  next Friday at Coláiste de h-Íde, Tymon North, Tallaght.  At the very least to hear this guy on Web 2.0 and the school.

ESAI ( Education Studies Assoication of Ireland) is HERE.   Their annual conference usually throws up a few ICT papers of reasonable quality and interest.  Cavan this year (Cavan, for flip sake!)  what with inclusivity and all that…. 😉

The Diageo Liberties Learning Iniative is HERE.  More to follow soon as the initiative evaluation is on the brink of being published.

TASC is HERE – there are some free downloads if you mooch about a bit but if you can spare the €20 or so Taming the Tiger is a well recommended read for anyone interested in the general area of social partnership and the policy intent underlying it.  Widely available from bookshops…

And finally, for a fairly short, both-barrells look at the state we’re in regarding ICT policy try HERE. It’s been described as “…typically engaging and provided much ‘food for thought’ ” by a critically informed member of the audience that was present…  🙂

For a broader European picture THIS might be of interest.  Note the 2 feb entry by Roger Blamire (‘invisible technology’) and the Report that can be downloaded. There is however a massive amount of stuff on the blog –it’s a day’s work even to make your way through Round Table 1 – the policy one.  However, that’s where the conversation is currently – which those nice CERI people have noticed… 

[Nice meeting you all. For Trinity students you aren’t a bad shower.  Shame about the lack of coffee though…  ]