Had the pleasure this morning of doing some work  at Kildare Education Centre (great tea and jam-scones!) with a group of NQTs on the National Pilot Programme on Teacher Induction. Here’s what they had to say when asked to give a bit of advice to anyone facing into a school setting for the first time:

“Make time to have a life outside school.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over small mistakes you feel you have made. You learn from experience.”

“Classes prepared – working students.”

“Try not to take things personally – all you can do is your best. It’s not your fault when students are lazy etc.”

“ Switch off every evening at a particular time and don’t allow yourself to keep going every night until ten/eleven.”

“At the end of the day it’s a job: treat it as such.”

“Don’t let it get you down!”

“It’s just a job – have a life outside of it”

“Don’t be a loner.  Talk about your experiences with others in the profession.”

“Don’t expect everything to run smoothly! Expect to have to work at it. And don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“Tomorrow is a new day. Don’t bring work home.”

“Switch off after school and don’t take anything personally.”

“Get involved in extracurricular activities to form better relations with students.”

“Leave school behind you as much as possible at 4 o’clock.”


Not bad for ones so young! [With one or two honourable exceptions 🙂 ]

And for the record those websites I mentioned at various points in our session are:






[Good to meet you guys. Hope you felt the session was worth the effort of travelling to Kildare on a cold, February Monday.]