… a bit quiet around here lately. It’s been an interesting but pretty manic few weeks so posting went to the wall. Like it does.

Anyway, there’s some good stuff from the recent EUN roundtable on the  Future of Schooling here.  It was held in Bruges, 6-7 December.  My bit in the limelight is covered here  with most of the presentations from the Round Table 1 panel available here for download. And of course Paul’s photos from Flickr here.

An interesting venue – a renovated and revisioned hospital; amazing place.

Pictures from the event on Flikr and additionally, some interesting reflections (that word again!) here from Peter Karlberg, one of the EUN’s policy group who couldn’t make it to Bruges, but had some interesting comments to make on the way ahead.

January will I hope improve the consistency and quality of posts to the blog. 

Meanwhile, have a Good One…