… it is Wednesday but it feels like Friday and  you know in your heart that it should only be the previous Saturday, then you start to understand the sort of year the PG Dip can be.

The first assignment is in. A quick look-through a random selection of journal notes gave grounds for satisfaction: most of the year group would seem to have made a very considerable effort this time out.

Many – perhaps most –  of you found the exercise of condensing so much into so little space, with so many marks to hit along the way, a considerable challenge.   We are aware that it was difficult and appreciate the comments and feedback – both formal & informal – already offered. But do keep in mind that the true value of the exercise was in the working through of your context and situations that this synthesis required.

And even a preliminary reading of what the year has come up with shows that most have pulled this off admirably. Formal results will follow soon. But in the meanwhile well done 06/07…