…. and the Ryder Cup is over which means the Trade Federation blockade has been lifted and I can now once again leave my sleepy, little dormitory town by the Main Road.There is a spate of ‘genuine’ Tiger Woods’ 9-irons ‘fished from the water by myself’ going for anything from €200 down in the local pub.

And the best quick-entry type ‘theory paper’ I have found (so far) on the value of writing a learning journal – for those who want a bit of a head-start on things is  – HERE.  One of the most sensible ‘how-to’ / hands on advice sheets I know of is the three-pager from The University of Kent at Canterbury; download from HERE.

And as Blackboard is not yet  fully operational for everyone, I will upload a a lite version of the ppt from Lecture 7: Learning Journals as soon as I figure out how to do so, and put a link HERE.

[Remember though, we are at this point interested only in the idea of a journal note — an extract — not in the full journal experience. ]