Well, that’s what the official UCD website says anyhow. And perhaps it’s not a bad motto to live by on a course like this one!

This blog is a temporary sort of thing; intended simply to give PG Dip participants on-line access to a couple of useful digital bits & pieces until the BlackBoard site is more widely available. 

So if you are here you are probably looking for something.  John’s lesson plan template possibly? Click HERE and remember to think beautiful and leafy.

Or the Coursenote on ADDIE? Click HERE and then on the ‘addiehandout.pdf’ link. (The lower of the two.)

Or perhaps you are looking for a link to the PP1 Lecture 1 and 2 video clip? If so it’s HERE and this time think about to the south of the centre of Dublin. But only on a broadband connection.  It wasn’t really designed to travel well via dial-up.

A text version of PP1 Lecture 3 – Assessment & Marking –  can be downloaded to your dektop HERE. Or viewed by clicking on ‘Given…’ in the navigation bar at the top of the page. And the Teachers’ TV clip that we would have used if Theatre P had been up to it can be watched HERE. [Again, broadband viewing advised.]

And finally for now, welcome to the virtual aspect of PP1.